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WSM Epoxy Flooring Systems

Broadcast Quartz Systems

Our Broadcast Quartz System is a decorative resinous floor. Consisting of a clear 100% Solids, epoxy resin and colored quartz aggregate. The durable quartz system is finished with clear catalyst-cured coats available in satin or glossy finishes. The installed system can be textured or smooth as desired. Easy maintenance minimizes bacterial growth. The decorative quartz aggregates are available in a series of pre-blend patterns or solid colors. These systems range in thickness from 1/16 inch to 3/16 inch.

Our Broadcast Flake System is a 100% Solids, epoxy resin, decorative, seamless, low maintenance floor coating system specially formulated to produce a dense, non-porous, chemical and dirt resistant floor ideal for light to medium traffic areas. This system can be sealed with several different top coats to meet your chemical and abrasion resistant performance needs

Broadcast Flake Systems

Metallic System

Metallic Epoxy Coat 

Metallic is a decorative thin-film epoxy resin coating system having a bright metallic finish. It is typically finished with a clear urethane, polyaspartic, or epoxy sealer for excellent wear and abrasion resistance. Metallic is ideal for residential use, office spaces complexes, commercial areas, lobbies, or light industrial applications.

Standard Coatings formulates several varied "solid colors" systems, from the thin mil urethane/epoxy Coatings, self-leveling epoxy slurry systems full trowel applied epoxy mortar systems, and urethane cement floor systems ranging from 1/16"-3/8". All of the above Flooring Systems utilize the "solid" colors. Epoxy Floor thickness and type depends on what the floor will be used for.

Standard Coatings

Epoxy Cove Base

EPOXY COVE BASE SYSTEM is an epoxy system designed for as an integral part of the flooring system. The vertical portion can be installed to any height at 1/16" to 1/4" thickness. Creating a 100% Seamless flooring system. This integral cove allows you to create a virtual bathtub or shower base out of your seamless floor. It prevents water from going under the walls and it makes it easy to clean while giving you an attractive look. 

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