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Epoxy Flooring Systems

Looks great, outstanding value and it has exceptional durability. What else can you request from a flooring system? Oh yea epoxy is also water proof, seamless, has great chemical, heavy equipment and continuous traffic resistance.

Whether your project is residential, commercial, industrial or institutional, Epoxy flooring systems is an excellent solution for almost all floors. With multiple options you can choose from a solid color basic functional floor to a custom design. From Bedrooms, bathrooms and kitchens to garages, warehouses, fire departments and airplane hangars. Yes epoxy is strong enough to handle the weight of an airplane.

Here are some of our more popular systems;

Standard Epoxy Coating - Consist of only two coatings of Epoxy. Good for light traffic and dry areas. Makes it easy to clean and maintain. While giving you a good clean look. Most affordable solution.

Epoxy Broadcast System - Multiple layers of Epoxy with blends of quartz or flakes. A tough floor with a beautiful look. Always looks amazing while handling weights of cars or high foot traffic areas. Most common floor installed in garages, bathrooms and commercial kitchens.

Urethane Concrete system - Our toughest system up to date. Offering you 10 years warranty. Yes I said 10 Years. The warranty speaks for the floor. Perfect for warehouses with insane forklift and foot traffic. Also highly recommended commercial kitchens. Chemical resistant and water proof. An excellent floor for areas that are consistently wet or always has some type of traffic on.

Metallic Epoxy Floor - A custom unique look. No two metallic floors will ever look alike. This floor can be installed according to the clients taste. Choosing from how many and which colors to the amount of movement with the colors. Many people say it resembles marble, granite or stone. But at a third of the cost. All this beauty while being affordable. The square foot of this floor can be as low as $6.00/sf depending on the size of the floor.

There are endless amounts of Epoxy Systems that could serve as the best solution for your floor/needs. You can call WSM Epoxy Floors and request a free visit and quote.

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