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Surface preparation is key!

Surface preparation is the most important step of any epoxy flooring application. Improper surface preparation could turn what seems to be a simple process into a lengthy, difficult repair. From dust free diamond grinders, shot blasters or scarifies using one of these methods could give you a floor that will last generations. Adding a days work of "prep" will give you a floor for a long time. From DIY to professionals, this is a step that cannot be skipped.

Here at WSM Epoxy Floors we ensure that your floor gets the correct treatment, from the huge oil contamination in the middle of your garage to the tightest corners and edges. Giving you a 100% "preped" area.

But surface preparation does not end there! After the whole floor has been prepared with a grinder/shot blaster/scarifier, you need to vacuum the area and check for any cracks, opened crevices and joint lines. After you located these areas we strongly recommend that they get the correct treatment which should be opening the area and filling it with flexible epoxy joint filler. With this step being done correctly you would prevent any future cracks if the substrate were to shift.

Now the floor is ready to receive your new Epoxy System!

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