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Metallic Epoxy Floors

Yes, it's real and affordable!

Pearlescence. Iridescence. Translucence. A custom floor that you get to choose about every single aspect to meet your personality. From the colors to amount of movements to which top coat sealer, from epoxy to polyaspartic. Flat, satin or glossy. Your choice!

With endless combinations of colors your floor will turn into a true work of art.

It all starts with a surface preparation. Scarifier, shotblaster or diamond grinders. We remove all the impurities from your floor and open up the pores of the concrete, tiles, plywood or old resinous floor to enhance the epoxy bonding. After cleaning up we will apply a water barrier epoxy primer to enforce even further your new floor. Add another coat of primer to give the back color of your new floor. Followed by the metallic floor colors of your choosing. After that is the top coating of your new floor. Giving you a lifetime of protection and your desired finish.

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